Security Software, Plug-ins, Utilities and Freebie Software

Free Computer Security Software

Download AVG Anti-Virus click here.

Download AdAware spyware removal click here.

Download ZoneAlarm firewall click here.

More Free Software To
Enhance Your Computer's Abilities

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.

Download Shockwave/Flash click here.

Download Real Player click here.

Have Windows XP and having problems playing web based games?
Download Sun Java Virtual Machine here.

Open Office is FREE software that allows you to view AND create Word, Excel and Powerpoint files and works very much like its Microsoft counterpart (without the big price tag).
Click here to go to the Open Office download page.

Microsoft Office Viewers allow you to view Word, Excel and Powerpoint files without having these Office programs on your computer. Click here to go to the Microsoft download page.

DVD copying to make backup copies of movies can require a lot of specialty software. For a selection of software downloads and tutorials on the topic of DVD backup duplication click here.

File Sharing, the latest method is using Bittorrent (the software to run torrent files) click here to get the software.

Once you have Bittorrent you have to search for the torrents for whatever you want to download. A couple of good search sites are:

Open Source software is developed through many developers and is generally free to download and use. There are thousands of open source programs covering almost all types of software needs (video editing, e-mail, document management... you name it, there's probably an open source solution). To view all available software click here.

101 Best Free Stuff (according to PC-World Magazine) tons of links, all kinds of freebie software click here.

These downloads are offered through third parties and ,if needed,
you'll have to get tech support from them.
Unfortunately I cannot offer help with installation or use of these programs.