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Beamsville. Welcome to Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. Beamsville is located in Niagara region. Visit us in Beamsville.
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History | Beamsville, like many other communities, got its name from one of the early pioneers to arrive in the area. Beamsville was named after Jacob Beam. During the U.S. War of Independence, Jacob Beam lived in Mansfield, New Jersey. He was strongly British and aided in the escape of British troops. He was arrested and clapped in irons until he paid 500 pounds and forfeited all his land. Once he was free, he made a reconnaissance journey to the Niagara Peninsula, and liked what he saw. He went back home and loaded up his family and started their journey on August 31, 1779.

The Crown granted him and his family 400 acres in Clinton Township and 350 acres in North Grimsby. As more settlers arrived, a community developed within Clinton Township. Jacob Beam was a very important part of the community, donating land for schools and the establishment of the First Baptist Church and Cemetery, so the community became known as Beamsville.

As Beamsville grew, the need for it to look after its own affairs became necessary and by October 25, 1859,Beamsville became a Police Village. The growth continued and on January 1, 1963, Beamsville became a Town when Frank L. Laundry was Reeve, but now a Mayor was required. So Reeve Laundry moved to Mayor and Deputy Reeve Andrew M. Savage was acclaimed as Reeve. On January 1, 1970, Beamsville became part of the Town of Lincoln. A friendly and beautiful town in the heart of the fruit and grape country in the Niagara Peninsula.

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