Has Canada Revenue Agency contacted you looking for prior year Individual or Corporate Tax Returns? If they haven't, there is a good chance they will be. Once they have made contact with you, any Voluntary Disclosure that you may have been eligible for will no longer exist. You will be now be held liable for not only the taxes owing but also interest on these taxes PLUS because the return is filed late, penalty on the late filing of the return plus interest on the penalty and in some cases, prosecution.

Late-Tax & Company is the premier filer of delinquent tax returns, helping Canadians submit these overdue returns . We can not only prepare and file your delinquent tax returns in any of the years 1988 through 2009 but most of the time, we will be the contact person between you and the Canada Revenue Agency. In most cases, you will not have to talk directly with Canada Revenue Agency-- thatís what we do best.

If you worry day and night about when Canada Revenue Agency will be contacting you, than contact us now BEFORE they finally contact you. In addition to filing your delinquent tax returns, we can also prepare your 2010 Income Tax Return and Efile it for you.